Over-The-Top Hotel Spa Treatments

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Being able to relax while the staff attends to you is one of the best ways to recharge after long days at work. But not all spas are created equal. Whether a spa is using traditional relaxation methods or the latest technology for toxin treatment, you’ll want to check out 10 of these over-the-top hotel spa treatments.

Gold Mask

The facial mask has long been a favorite among spa-goers. In the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel in Dubai, hotel guests can visit the Talise Ottoman Spa for a facial mask unlike any other. This award-winning spa features 42 treatment rooms, each offering a wide variety of services. With the spa being made of marble, it’s no wonder that royalty visit here regularly. Caviar in a spa suite followed by a 24-carat gold facial mask are just two of the perks of visiting here.

Synchronized Massage

Ananda Spa in Himalayas, India, is a favorite stop for celebrities like Oprah Winfrey who want to escape for a day of rest and relaxation. The Abhyanga treatment is a synchronized full body massage conducted by two Ayurveda therapists. This luxurious four-handed massage is based on a treatment that’s been around for hundreds of years. One therapist pours oil on the forehead to open the “third eye” for a better mental state while the other therapist massages you and balances your chakras.

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