The Hottest Designer Fashion Labels

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When it comes to the latest in top luxury designer brands, fashion lovers everywhere regularly look for Lyst’s top 10 list. Here you’ll discover which brands made the cut and are currently enjoying places as the hottest labels in the world. From timeless high fashion brands to skyrocketing newcomers, here’s what hot in the world of luxury couture.


Considering that it rolled in 34th just last year, Off-White has had an enjoyed an incredible rise to this quarter’s top spot. Now claiming the title of the hottest brand in the world, Off-White is an Italian streetwear and luxury label founded by designer Virgil Abloh. From their sell-out sneakers to their knock-out SS19 show in Paris, Off-White has been killing it this quarter with a series of high-profile collaborations and up to the moment streetwear offerings.



Though down from first place in Quarter one, Gucci is still having an incredible year. With sales up this year among millennials and teens, it’s likely that influencer favorites such as their GG logo belt have been instrumental in securing a new generation of fans. From their collaboration with Harlem designer Dapper Dan to their recent ad campaigns featuring Harry Styles, this classic label is clearly doing something right.


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