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Elite Diving Watches For Underwater Adventurers


There are regular diving watches and then there are those that seem to belong in another collection all their own. Here you’ll find some of the most elite diver’s watches ever crafted. From innovations that present new conveniences to divers everywhere to masterpieces from some of the top names in fashion, here you’re sure to find something you’d love to glance down at on your next diving adventure.

Richard Mille RM 032 Chronograph Diver’s Watch

Price : $135,000

This exquisite watch from Richard Mille was designed specifically for deep-sea-diving. Water resistant up to 300m, the watch follows ISO 6425 diver’s watch norms, complete with flyback-chronograph functions. It comes equipped with a 12-hour totalizer and a two-rpm rotational frequency that allows it to keep track of running movement, even in stressful environments.

Richard Mille
Richard Mille

MB&F Horological Machine No.7 “Aquapod”

Price: $97,150

The idea for the Aquapod came to Maximilian Büsser straight from the sea. Recalling encounters with jellyfish, he decided to develop a luxury diving watch that generated power from its tentacle-like winding rotor, much like the jellyfish uses its tentacles to catch food. In addition, the watch harnesses the sea creature’s ability to glow in the dark, giving it an intriguing, futuristic quality. Its three-dimensional face features a winding rotator, flying tourbillion, and a sapphire crystal dome.