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The Richard Mille Princess Rally Is The Ultimate Ride


This year from June 1st through June 6th, women from all over the world will travel to Paris for the Richard Mille Princess Rally. This classic event is the brainchild of Viviane Zaniroli, who, along with her husband, are the power couple behind Zaniroli Classic Events, the company that allows normal people to compete in various rallies across France.

The Princess Rally is specially designed to cater to bold, modern women who love adrenaline just as much as luxury. It proves once and for all that anyone who thinks women aren’t interested in cars is just plain wrong.

What Is The Princess Rally?

The Richard Mille Princess Rally is a unique annual event that has been held in France for almost two decades.

From its inception in 1999, Richard Mille, the luxury watchmaker, has been the flagship sponsor of the event. For five days, women from all over the word drive luxury cars throughout France. At the end of each day, there is a luxurious event, whether it be a stay at a renowned hotel or an evening soiree, planned from the women who participate.

Although tickets to participate in the event usually sell out months in advance, registration is open to the public.

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