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Luxurious Neckwear for Men – Ties and Bow Ties


Nothing looks better than a man in a suit and tie. The tie, in fact, is an important accessory that makes a bold statement about any man. From the method used to tie it to the bold choices in color and style, a tie can make or break any man’s look. Read on for the 10 most luxurious ties and bow ties for men.


This midnight blue Gucci tie is the perfect complement to the dark and mysterious look. Made entirely of silk, this tie will make any man look stylish and classy. With the Gucci brand you know you’re getting the highest quality materials put together in Italy. It’s a tie that will complete your attire, whether it’s for a long day at the office or a night spent out on the town.



Salvatore Ferragamo

One look at this necktie from Salvatore Ferragamo and you’ll be seen as a man of fashionable and trendy wear. But it’s upon a second glance when you’ll wow your admirers: neatly hidden within the tie’s design are butterflies. Not only are the butterflies bold and bright, but they’re also hidden and subtle, covering the tie without overwhelming its beauty. It’s a nice artistic touch, with the flair we’ve come to expect from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Jimmy Sabini
Jimmy Sabini