The Most Expensive Champagne In All The World

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Champagne is arguably one of the most luxurious drinks money can buy. Drinking champagne from a flute speaks of age-old class. There are fewer things better than a freshly popped bottle of champagne to mark the beginning of the celebration. Luxury champagne bottles are a unique and wonderful way to express the joy of life. Here is a list of ten of the most expensive champagne bottles in the world.

Taste of Diamonds

They say that champagne is like “tasing the stars” but there is a bottle of champagne that boasts a more luxurious taste. Perhaps one of the most expensive champagnes on Earth, capping at $2.07 million is the Goût de Diamants, the Taste of Diamonds. With a bottle looking straight out of the glamorous future and a striking, silver insignia, this beautiful addition will cast its charming spell on any momentous occasion.

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