The Most Luxurious Fragrances You Can Buy

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Joy By Jean Patou

Price: $600

This is one of the most expensive perfumes by one of the most expensive perfume brands. This fragrance is extremely exclusive because less than 60 new bottles are made each year. While most perfumes are delicate and sold, this fragrance is bold and exhilarating. The original blend was made by doubling the ingredients from an already successful scent. The jasmine flowers used in this perfume are only grown in Grasse, France.

Caron Poivre

Price: $750

This extremely unique scent is headlined by the smell of pepper. The peppery aroma is toned down by hints of flowers and wood. This was the signature scent made to mark the 50th year of successful selling for the Caron brand, and the company pulled out all the stops on the bottle, which has a unique and intricate design. The neck of the bottle is made of genuine white gold.

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