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What’s The World’s Most Expensive Margarita Made Of?


A modern Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden, England made headlines for announcing the offering of a margarita that costs $50,000. What makes this margarita so special?

The Dazzling Garnish – a 4.1 carat diamond

To give you an idea of just how ritzy this drink is, let’s start with the garnish. This delicious and luxurious margarita is topped off with a pineapple flower. As beautiful as these delicate tropical flowers are, that’s probably the least exciting part about the garnish. The real crowning jewel (literally!) of this drink is the 4.1-carat diamond that floats on top of the pineapple flower. The owners of the restaurant have suggested that the diamond makes this drink perfect for a lavish marriage proposal.


Finger limes fresh

Around the rim of the glass, is a special garnish made of lime caviar. Lime caviar is actually not caviar at all. It is the citrus fruit of the finger lime. The finger lime is a lime variety that only grows naturally in two Australian states. Now, commercial farmers are growing finger lime trees in places like California. The lime is shaped like, well, a finger. The inside of the lime looks nothing like the traditional lime that most of the world is used to. It has small translucent orbs of flesh that resemble caviar.  For a fruit, these limes are pretty expensive.

The Exclusive Blend Of Tequilas

The alcohol base of the drink is made of 1800 Colección and Jose Cuervo Platino. For fruit flavor, white pineapple juice and limequat juice are also added. There are plenty of pop songs that refer to not being able to make rent because of spending rent money on bottle service at the club, and 1800 Coleccion is the kind of expensive drink that can certainly cost just as much as rent.

Award Winning Alcohol

The exclusive aged tequila sells for an average of $2,000 a bottle. The first batch was introduced to the market in 2015 when exactly 40 numbered bottles were created.

1800 Tequila

The second batch, if it was released at all, could have only been released sometime in 2018 because the recipe calls for aging the tequila for three years. 1800 Coleccion comes from the Jalisco, Mexico, the tequila capital of the world, and it is made with top of the line ingredients and premium processes.

Jose Cuervo Platino is an exclusive blend from a highly regarded tequila producer. In case you didn’t know, Jose Cuervo was a real person, and his family, referred to as Casa Cuervo, is still involved in the tequila business. The full name of this alcohol is Jose Cuervo Platino Reserva de la Familia. That translates to platinum family reserve.

Drink Monger

Up until recent years, this tequila, which has been around for over 100 years, was not put on the market. It was made exclusively by and for Casa Cuervo. Family secrets are hard to come by. There is not much information on exactly how this drink is made. In 2008, Jose Cuervo Platino was awarded the gold medal in the Agave Spirit Challenge Competition held in Cancun.

Exotic Tropical Fruit

White pineapple is grown in Kaui, Hawaii. This variety of pineapple is sweeter and less acidic than traditional pineapples, so its juice adds a bit of sweetness to a drink that is highly acidic.


Limequats are a hybrid fruit created from limes and kumquats. The fruit was first hybridized in 1909 in England.


The skin of this fruit is edible, just like a kumquat, and the inner fruit is has a sour citrus flavor. The juice of the limequat tastes like lime juice.

How To Get Your Hands On It

The only restaurant that sells this expensive margarita is Cantina Laredo in London. This is not the kind of margarita you can just spontaneously decide to order. Aside from the whopping $50,000 price tag, this drink is only offered on preorder.

Cantina Laredo

When a person does order it, the drink comes with security guards. The security guards are there for the protection of everyone in the restaurant. Since the drink does have a real diamond sitting in the middle of it, there’s a potential for thieves to try to steal it. Would you like to try this margarita?